Colorado Trail Day 13: Trail Buddies and Making It to Twin Lakes

We are in Twin Lakes, CO and made it to our resupply one day early! We have now hiked 180 mile out of our 492 miles or 36%.  It has been a fun hike so far and we are doing well. Yesterday we were hiking in the Mount Massive Wilderness Area and today we leave it as we head into Twin Lakes.

Strawberry plant with morning dew
Segment 11 of the Colorado Trail begins (or ends) at the Mount Massive Trailhead
😳 Free beer at the Mount Massive Trailhead. But it is 6:30am in the morning….,
One of the interesting things about hiking a trail like this is the interesting people you meet along the way. We have been leapfrogging with thru hiker buddies Matt and Warren, and section hikers Perk and Matt.
Thru hiker Warren

Warren is from Oklahoma and teaches Mechanical Engineering at Oklahoma State. His wife is going to meet him at Monarch Pass on US50. He will have hiked 252 miles from Denver to Salida but will probably stop there this year as his father-in-law was in an accident. Last year he hiked Denver to Breckenridge. I expect he will be back next year to finish the second half.

Thru hiker Matt

Matt is from Mississippi and is a manager of a bicycle shop. He stopped in Breckenridge last year because of injuries and he says just not being prepared. This year he ran trails and worked out for 6 months and dialed in his gear so it is much lighter. I think he will succeed this year. Maybe we will see him again as he is going to climb Mt Harvard and we have a zero day or two.

 Perk and Matt are Principals in a software engineering company just outside of Boulder and are “section hiking” the Colorado Trail. Section hiking is when you hike a trail in pieces over time. Thru hiking is when you complete the trail in one trip. Perk has about 3/4ths of the Colorado Trail complete and Matt has all but the last 38 miles near Durango complete. It is fun to share experiences and tips on Gear and other trail topics with fellow hikers. Oh, and good to have a shower and bed tonight.

Just the Facts
Total Miles: 20
Cumulative Miles: 180
Trail Segments: 10 and part of 11
Camp Elevation: 9214 feet, at Ores&Mine B&B
Elevation Gain:  3394 feet
Elevation Loss: 2912 feet
Weather: Sunny in the morning, light showers in the afternoon


  1. Hi Kerrie – super cool and so great to hear from you! Glad you are back out on the trail again!! Up by my old stomping grounds. Got a note from my daughters old Basketball coach today and he just completed Section 11 and is headed home. Stay safe and keep in touch!

  2. Wooaaaaa…i did not know you got free beer to do this little walk. I am “in” for next year’s little walk! Take care – good luck on the second half! – Kirk

  3. WOW, it sounds like fun!!! You and your husband are having way to much fun in your retirement.. I’m sitting here looking at your awesome pics, I’m a little jealous. We miss you and thanks for letting us live vicariously through your endeavors. Stay safe…

  4. Glad to see everything is going well so far. Cathy and I will be up in Leadville this weekend if all goes well, shaking down some new equipment in preparation for our section hike in the Collegiates in late August. Walk on!


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