Colorado Trail Day 12: Water Making It’s Way

We leave Porcupine Lake in the Holy Cross Wilderness Area at what is now becoming our usual time, 5:45am. The lighting is beautiful as we hike at tree line through the snow patches.

Hiking through the snow!
Ray crossing through the snow
Morning sun beams on crusty snow
We keep seeing an interesting fungi that is green and a brilliant orange.  So far we have only seen them right around  snow patches. Later I learn that this is a cup fungi (Caloscyphia fulgeus) that is only found in the spring just after snowmelt. So fascinating!
A cup fungi that grows where snow is melting
We drop down into the next drainage, still in the Holy Cross Wilderness Area, where there are several unnamed lakes and a lake called Galena Lake. This is a place we are definitely coming back to. One of the lakes has a reflection that is so calm it looks like you can stand on your head and walk into it. The next lake has so many trout jumping that it sounds like large raindrops plopping in a puddle. This area is amazing!
Wow! Perfectly calm Lake in the Holy Cross Wilderness
We spend the afternoon wandering through the trees and crossing several creeks. We stop at a ridge just south of North Willow Creek. Tomorrow we will get into Twin Lakes where we have a resupply waiting at the Ores&Mine Bed and Breakfast. Just like water we make our way down.
Primrose at North Willow Creek
Camp on ridge south of North Willow Creek
Just the Facts

Total Miles: 15
Cumulative Miles: 165.4
Trail Segments: 9 and 10
Camp Elevation: 11310 feet, on ridge above North Willow Creek
Elevation Gain:  2155 feet
Elevation Loss: 3419 feet
Weather: Sunny in the morning, clouding up in the afternoon

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