Colorado Trail Day 14: Unique Places and Wide Open Spaces

Daily Neet Beat

Today is our rest or “zero” day in Twin Lakes. I was not familiar with Twin Lakes, CO before this trip. Twin Lakes is about 20 south of Leadville, CO at the base of Mt. Elbert and an elevation of 9200 feet. It has a population of about 200 people.

Looking down at Twin Lakes from the Colorado Trail
We are staying at a bed and breakfast called Ores&Mine which is a really interesting place with lots of history. There is a large rock collection, a doll collection, a coca-cola collection, and a room built around a rock. Each room is named after a local mine. I highly recommend it for a unique and different experience.
The Ores&Mine Bed and Breakfast at Twin Lake
We stayed in the “Dolores Room”
The General Store in Downtown Twin Lakes. It is a great place to resupply and has a hiker box for thru hikers.

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