John Muir Trail Day 7: Hike from Emily Lake Into Red Meadows/Mammoth Lakes for Resupply

The Daily Neet Beat
Today is our hike into Red’s Meadow Resort. We have a zero day and are staying in the cabins  tonight and tomorrow night.We had previously sent a resupply bucket to Red’s Meadow and will pick it up at the General Store.  The resupply bucket will have the next 9 days of food and some replacement items like batteries, sunscreen, and other toiletries Tomorrow we will take a shuttle bus into Mammoth Lakes and send out  items we are not using.
The morning is beautiful and the overcast skies give us great lighting on Emily Lake. We make it to Red’s Meadow by mid-morning and head to Mamoth Lake for food and resupply items.
Just the Facts
Hike from Emily Lake to Red’s Meadow
Miles: 10.7
Total Miles: 80.9

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