John Muir Trail Day 6: The Fish are Calling and I have No Pole!

Shadow Lake early in the morning


The Daily Neet Beat
We are up again early this morning and have decided to add 3.2 miles and hike to Emily Lake, a lake off of the main John Muir Trail. We have plenty of time to get to our resupply day at Red’s Meadow the day after tomorrow. We start at Shadow Creek and head past several lakes, including Shadow Lake. The hues and silhouettes are beautiful! Another well named lake or at least it seemed so when we were there.
Ray and I are good navigators so are surprised when we get to the trail junction to Emily Lake. There are no signs and it looks like it is blocked off with logs. Maybe this is to help keep the JMTers on the John Muir Trail or they are trying to discourage use of more remote areas. We head down the very poorly used and faint trail. We get to Emily Lake which is beautiful, surrounded by rock spires, and clearly not used much. We eat our lunch and watch very large, fat, trout swim by. I am really kicking myself that I didn’t bring a fishing pole! After lunch we scrambled up to another lake called Lois Lake. There are no trails or people here and we enjoy the solitude.

Just the Facts
From Shadow Junction Trail to Emily Lake
Miles: 11 mile
Total miles: 79.2

Photos of the Day
The beautiful and remote Emily Lake

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