John Muir Trail Day 8: It’s a Small World After All

Helen Ranney, Grand Canyonite, Hiking the John Muir Trail


Daily Neet Beat

Today is our “Zero” day at Reds Meadow. As I mentioned earlier, a “Zero” day is when you do not make miles towards your end goal (hence “zero”).  Reds Meadow is a resort camp in the Sierra Mountains that has cabins, a general store, a small cafe, laundry facility (important!), showers (mandatory!), horses and direct access to the Pacific Crest Trail and John Muir Trail. It also is about 13 miles away from Mammoth Lakes and has a shuttle to the ski area there. I got reservations for a cabin here for 2 nights back in February. We also mailed a resupply bucket to the general store at Reds Meadow. They provide that service, for a fee of course.

I was glad to see that our buckets with food and other items here. I am a planner by nature so had checked before we left Colorado to make sure the buckets had arrived to the post office in Mammoth. Staff from Red’s Meadow pick up the buckets from Mammoth Lakes once a week.
So today we shower, do laundry, and take the shuttle to Mammoth Lakes to send back a bucket with items to return. Reds Meadow will collect a resupply bucket for you but does not send them back (they indicated that they do not know the weight and what the post office will charge so do not send them back).  We pig out at the small cafe (Mule’s Cafe) and what do you know, we run into someone we know! Helen Ranney who is a well known Grand Canyonite is eating breakfast in the cafe. Her husband is a geologist who Ray knows and Helen works for AZRA. AZRA is a Grand Canyon rafting company and she conducted the pre-meeting for our Grand Canyon raft trip this past May. Small world sometimes! Helen is on a 3-week northbound trip with 2 friends and had been on the trail for 16 days. Great to catch up.
Overall, everything goes smoothly with our zero and resupply day.

Just the Facts
From Reds Meadow to Reds Meadow
Zero Day
No Miles

Photos of the Day

Ray and I at Reds Meadow directional sign


  1. No kidding, Helen? Since she gave us our GC orientation does that mean you have been to “Helen back?” Or as I said to Wayne when we met him on the trail to the Patio: “When it Ranneys it pours.” I’m really glad to hear that you two had this amazing synchronous connection between the two trips. It brings a message of very special meaning to your year of adventure!

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