Hayduke Trail Day 20: Masses and Multitudes in Coyote Gulch

Daily Neat Beat
Day 20
Total Miles: 16.8
Cmulative Miles: 351.8
Today we are hiking out to our car where we will take a shuttle and zero day in Escalante, Utah tomorrow. We start off in the early morning and the quiet solitude in Steven’s Canyon. 
Ray Crossing Escalante to Coyote Gulch

We cross back and forth across the Escalante River for 1.5 miles. It is much easier than crossing the Dirty Devil River about a week ago. The Escalante River is shallow, has more sand and is less murky and salty than the Dirty Devil.  It is fairly easy walking but it is a lot of back and forth across the river.

We turn to go up Coyote Gulch and almost immediately begin to see people. I mean, LOTS of people. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said we passed several hundred people going up canyon. 
Ray is in the middle with the hat trying to pass one of a number of large groups of people in Coyote Gulch

I don’t know if it is spring break or if this area has just gotten so popular. Coyote Gulch is a classic hike and I totally get it. It has waterfalls, arches, a perennial creek, springs, beautiful canyon walls.

Beautiful waterfalls in Coyote Gulch

A classic hike and canyon that is being loved to death. Still, it is an amazing place but I am a bit saddened by it.

We pass by the classic Hamblin’s Arch and the beautiful narrows in Hurricane Wash.

Hamblin Arch


Hurricane Wash

Then, just like that, we are out and done with Sections 5 and 6 of the Hayduke Trail. We went through some of the prettiest and remote areas and some well-loved classic hikes. It is an amazing perspective walking through and across features such as the Henry Mountains, Waterpocket Fold, Halls Creek and the Escalante River and Canyons. Now it is time to clean up and prepare for the next 7 days which will take us across the Kaiparowits Plateau, also known as the Dinosaur Shangri-La.



  1. Love reading your adventures – really interesting because every time we drive by the Henry’s we talk about someday a spring hike over the top – I will now think more about water!! Take care!

    1. Hey Dave, thanks! A hike in the Henry’s would be awesome…it is still not highly visited but beautiful country. Water is key out there…

  2. Every post I find myself wishing I had a great partner to undertake this awesome adventure with! You two are truly inspiring and although I have been to many of the segments at one time or another, the idea of days, weeks and months in the awe inspiring canyon country gives me a serious case of the I wants!

    1. Stephni – thanks for the encouragement! Sounds like you love Canyon country as much as we do. It takes lots of planning and logistics to do a thru hike like the Hayduke but I think you would dig that.

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