John Muir Trail Day 23: The Pass of Glen and Meeting Good Friends

Fin Dome is prominant on the trail up to the Rae Lakes

Daily Neet Beat
Today we have a long day as we have 16 miles to cover and we go down into Woods Creek dropping from 10,566 feet at Twin Lakes to an elevation 8,562 feet at Woods Creek and then back up over Glen Pass at 11,926 feet and back down to 10,370 feet where we will meet our friends Gina and Deb at Charlotte Lake.  I am excited to see our friends but know that we have 16 miles and Glen Pass. What happens if we don’t connect with them?
No worries though. We make great time and both feel strong. On our way we go over a very interesting suspension bridge over Woods Creek which has a sign that says “one person on bridge at a time”. The bridge swings as you walk on it and is fun. I still wonder about how these beautiful pedestrian bridges were designed, who built them and when. After Woods Creek, we start ascending and we pass another string of beautiful lakes: Dollar, Arrowhead and the very popular Rae Lakes. Fin Dome is very prominant. We eat lunch at upper Rae Lake and wonder about bringing packrafts to get to some of the beautiful islands. We are soon winding our way up Glen Pass.  As we get near the top of Glen Pass, I see 2 people frantically waving. Oh my gosh, it is Gina and Deb who are at Glen Pass to meet us! It is so fun to share the hike down to Charlotte Lake with them. We all marvel at the different plants and terrain compared to what we are used to in Colorado. Deb and Gina give us Pringles and wine which really hit the spot when you have been out on a trail for a while.

Just the Facts

From Twin Lakes, down to Suspension Bridge, up to Glen Pass, then to Charlotte Lake
Miles: 16.1
Total Miles: 252.7

Photos of the Day
The suspension bridge over Woods Creek. Only one person at a time!
MIddle Rae Lake
Heading towards the top of Glen Pass
With friends Gina and Deb on the top of Glen Pass


  1. How is it that they misspelled Ray’s Lake? That Frank Zappa-esk expression suggests to me he is offended! But the big misnomer is “Fin Dome.” I remember that early in your excursion you had named a “Shark Fin” rock that looked like a fin. This looks like the head of a Beluga Whale after being stretched on a Dark Ages rack. But prettier.

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