John Muir Trail Day 19: Carbo-loaded for the Second Half

One of the many stunning waterfalls along Evolution Creek
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Today we leave Muir Trail Ranch and head south for the second half of the John Muir Trail. The Muir Trail Ranch is located at about 106 miles of the total 211-mile so is considered to be about halfway from the beginning of the trail in Yosemite to the end at the top of Mount Whitney. We, of course, have added on an additional 70+ miles or so so far with our side hikes and excursions. From the Muir Trail south, though, are the big passes: Muir, Mather, Pinchot, Glen, Forester. Today we are headed up from an elevation of 7,700 feet and plan on being back at around 10,000 feet in elevation by the end of the day.
We enjoy a very hearty breakfast at the Muir Trail Ranch and hit the trail around 8am. I am feeling strong and invigorated today; either I definitely have my hiking legs under me or I am carbo-loaded from all the great food at Muir Trail Ranch. ┬áMaybe both. We enter Sequoia Kings Canyon National Parks and start winding along the south fork of the San Joaquin river which is crystal clear pool and drops. We come to a very old inscription that is chiseled in the granite. It says “1917 Muir Trail”. ┬áThe trail was established in 1914 and took until 1938 to be completed. The 1917 must refer to completion of this section in Sequioa Kings Canyon National Parks. That was 99 years ago! It is so beautiful here. I am also impressed with the pedestrian bridges and wonder about the engineering and construction of some of these. We eventually work our way up into Evolution Basin which has gorgeous waterfalls. We call it a day where Darwin Canyon Creek connects with the south fork of the San Joaquin River.

Just the Facts

From Muir Trail Ranch to Darwin Canyon Creek
Miles: 14
Total Miles: 192.8
Elevation gain and loss: 3,300 feet up

Photos of the Day

South Fork of the San Joaquin river in Sequoia Kings Canyon National Parks

The 1917 inscription for the Muir Trail

Our shadows waving …
Hiking along Evolution Creek

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