John Muir Trail Day 18: You Look Like You’ve Been Put Through the Wringer

One of the hot spring pools at Muir Trail Ranch
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I’ve always wondered where the saying “you look like you’ve been put through the wringer” came from. Yeah, we probably look like we’ve been put through the wringer but now I now I know what a wringer is, thanks to our stay at the Muir Trail Ranch. The Muir Trail Ranch is in a remote location in the Sierras you have to either hike or horseback into. It is only a mile or so off the John Muir Trail and is near the halfway point on the 211-mile trail. When I made reservations back in February, it said showers and laundry included. I never thought to ask if the laundry included “automatic” washing machines and “in-door” showers. As it turns out, the “washing machine” is a small plastic barrel you hand-turn outside on a wooden platform along with an old-fashion “wringer” to squeeze out the excess water. The dryer is a clothes line and the showers are outdoors. ┬áNever-the-less, the food is beyond outstanding and I almost drool when I see a green salad with tomatoes, goat cheese and fresh basil. Also, there are hot springs and hot pools you can sit in. The hot pools and food make up for the hand-turn washing. Our resupply buckets are there and we repack our backpacks for the next leg of our trip. We are now officially halfway done with the John Muir Trail.

Just the Facts

Zero Day at Muir Trail Ranch

Photos of the Day

Our one-room cabin at Muir Trail Ranch
How do we wash our clothes with these things??
My hiking shirt goes through the wringer


The outdoor showers at Muir Trail Ranch


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