Hayduke Trail Day 25: Crowing, Blowing and Going

Daily Neat Beat
Day 25
Total Miles: 28.4
Cumulative Miles: 459.9
Day 25 hiking from Grosvenor Arch and Cottonwood Wash Road to the Paria River and Highway 89

The wind is whipping around strong this morning and it has been cold enough over night that we have ice in our water bottles. We decide that we will forego Round Valley Draw and Hackberry Canyon because of the rain and wind and instead hike the Cottonwood Wash road to our car.

A geologic fault is expressed in the middle of the road with off set beds

I am disappointed that we will miss Hackberry Canyon but we will come back. We actually have been in Round Valley Draw before. Ray even taught a class called “Shots in Slots” and took students there. We haven’t hiked Hackberry Canyon but discuss coming back in the Fall. Maybe we will take our time and explore the side canyons. That may be a better way to see it anyways.

Getting up this morning is hard – it is very cold and the wind is blowing hard. I decide to skip coffee because the stove may not light in this wind. We both have every single layer on we brought with us. We get started a little later start than usual, after 8am and start down the road. Pretty soon we are in a rhythm as we parallel the Cockscomb down Cottonwood Wash. 
The Dakota Sandstone as it forms a “rooster’s comb” or The Cockscomb

The Cockscomb was named because the steeply tilted sedimentary layers along the East Kaibab monocline looks like a rooster’s comb. Just another great geologic feature along the Hayduke Trail.

This is our 25th day hiking the Hayduke Trail and I am feeling more in tune with my surroundings, including those that are man-made. 
Power lines that sing

A power line crosses the road back and forth. Ray and I identify many sounds from the dance between the power lines and the more assertive wind. We hear recorders, coyotes howling, blowing air across coke bottles half full of water, someone gargling, monks humming. I will probably never look at power lines the same.

We stop for lunch and have already gone 13 miles. It is only 15 miles to the car and although we had planned to be out another night, we are not looking forward to dealing with another night of strong winds. We decide to go for the car and off we go. The last several miles are along the Paria River. It is open and wide in this section but in the next section that we will be hiking it narrows up and becomes a beautiful canyon. 
The Paria River north of Highway 89

It has cleared up today but the river is running high so it is probably just as well that we didn’t go into the slot called Round Valley Draw.

The Paria River has at least a flow of 100 cfs. When we dropped off the vehicle it was flowing at about 10 cfs.

By 7pm we make it to the car after hiking for 28.4 miles. The last time I hiked 28 miles I was 19 years old. I am kind of amazed and surprised by what I can do now. And Ray, well he is just a hiking machine. He sets a good pace.



    1. The map is USGS topos on the Gaia App. We track each day on the app so it is a picture of our track that day from the app. Let me know if you want more details.

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