Colorado Trail Day 32: Don’t Stop the Train

We pack wet again in the morning. Our equipment and clothes are getting wetter. We haven’t had a chance to dry things but are hoping to get to Molas Pass and our resupply at the campground by mid-day. Then maybe we can dry things out.
Hiking along Elk Creek

The trail was so muddy and with 19 miles with soggy feet yesterday I finally have gotten blisters. I’m glad I have gone over 30 days and 400 miles without them. I have loved the Salomon X Ultra Prime hiking shoes but if I had to do it again I would get a waterproof pair for these conditions. Usually I don’t like waterproof shoes or boots because my feet get hot and once they sweat I get blisters. But I have to say in these rainy wet conditions they would have been a plus.

We hike along Elk Creek and get to a sign that says “Train Stop” with an arrow.

We have reached the trail that where hikers get off the train between Silverton and Durango to hike into the Weminuche Wilderness. I have a moment of weakness and think to myself: maybe we can take the train back to Durango, sleep in our own bed, shower, eat at a restaurant and come back here to finish off the last few days. Somehow, though, this feels like it would be cheating. I hesitate for a slight moment and then take the trail that goes to Molas Pass.

Train tracks with the Grenadier Range in the background

We cross the bridge over the Animas river and switchback up to Molas Pass.

Crossing the Animas River

We reach Molas Pass Campground where we have our last resupply bucket. The sun comes out and we are able to dry out our tent, sleeping bag and clothes. We are almost home.

View from Big Molas Lake Campground looking across to Snowdon Mountain
Ray before the hike dropping off a resupply bucket at Big Molas Lake campground and a month after hiking picking up the resupply bucket
Just the Facts
Total Miles: 10
Cumulative Miles: 409.2
Trail Segments: 24
Camp Elevation: 10564 feet at Big Molas Lake campground on US550
Elevation Gain:   1693 feet
Elevation Loss:  2836 feet
Weather: partly cloudy

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  1. I am hiking the CT this summer and I’m not sure if I can pass on the opportunity to flag down a train in the middle of the woods!

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