Colorado Trail Day 16: Did I Miss the Pole?

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A pole marking on the trail

Did I miss the pole? I asked myself as I hiked down the trail through the trees. It is about 6:30am in the morning and I am looking for Ray’s hiking pole. We had a full moon last night which sometimes makes people a little crazy.  I am thinking my husband is a little crazy as when we got started this morning he ran down the trail full pack and all because he wanted to get a moon shot behind the beautiful Collegiate Peaks. He put his pole on the trail in the spot he ran off in the trees and I found him the first time. But, he ran off again and I haven’t seen him for about a 1/4 of a mile.

Thunder moon setting next to Emerald Peak. Picture by Ray

I think this is what makes Ray a great photographer. Now I consider myself to be a good photographer but I am an opportunist. I sometimes happen to be in the right place at the right time and have a good eye for what works. But I will not manically run down a trail tripping over rocks with a full pack to take the perfect picture. It is one of the reasons I love Ray so much. Besides, who else would be crazy enough to go along with me when I come up with ideas like let’s hike the Colorado Trail? Yeah, it was my idea….

The Thunder moon setting next to Emerald Peak, a 13,904 foot peak in the Collegiate Peak range. Picture by Ray
Sunrise can be so beautiful
I finally see the pole and walk a short ways through the woods to a clearing and squat down next to Ray who is clicking away. My God, the morning sun is hitting the snow fields and jagged peaks and the full moon is in the valley between. It is so beautiful I breath in and almost forget to breath out. Maybe if I hold my breath I can keep the moment. But I finally breathe out, mist on my breath, and the moon passes below the ridge. On we go.
Just the Facts

Total Miles: 15.5
Cumulative Miles: 211.1
Trail Segments: 12 and 13
Camp Elevation: 10907 feet, Silver Creek near Collegiate Peak Wilderness 
Elevation Gain:  3011 feet
Elevation Loss:  feet
Weather: Sunny in the morning, showers in the afternoon

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