Colorado Trail Day 6: Hike Into Breckenridge and Our First Resupply

Daily Neet Beat
We are way ahead of schedule as we had anticipated 8 days to Breckenridge from Denver. It is day 6 and we only have 13 miles. We will easily make it to Breckenridge probably by noon.
Silky phacelia!
The day is much cooler and the climb out of North Fork Swan Creek feels abrupt. We make the ridge and check in by phone with our friend Larry on the status of the Lightner Creek fire and our home in Durango. The fire fighters are getting it under control and evacuations are beginning to be lifted. We both breath a sigh of relief.
The Continental Divide and Colorado Trail overlap in this area
As we crest the ridge we can see Breckenridge and Dillon reservoir off in the distance. You can tell we are dropping into a populated area as we can see homes among the trees, roads, power lines and other signs of civilization. We step onto the bus on highway 9 that will take us to Breckenridge and another world. We have completed our first 104 miles of the 500 miles (or so) of the Colorado trail.
Ray smiling because Breckenridge is close
Just the Facts:
Total Miles: 13
Cumulative Miles: 104.4

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