Count Down to the John Muir Trail

Kerrie and Ray “preparing” for the John Muir Trail by hiking Blanca Peak (14,345 ft) in Colorado June 2016

Wow! I can’t believe our hike is only a week away. Ray and I will be hiking the The John Muir Trail in the high sierra mountains of California. We will backpack for 30 days and hike 323 or so miles. I have to admit I went into this initially thinking it would be easy for us (we are strong hikers). Now, though, I am getting a little nervous. Maybe it is just anticipation…

Ray and I love to backpack. We mostly have spent our time in the Colorado mountains, the Grand Canyon and in the canyon country of southeast Utah. We typically go off trail and are very comfortable reading topographic maps, compass, GPS, and phone apps for navigation. Being on the John Muir Trail will be a luxury in a way. When you have a trail it is meditative.  Off trail, you constantly have to locate yourself and pay attention to landmarks.
I plan on blogging and posting about our trip as we go. Follow along if you like!

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