Hello there! My name is Kerrie Neet and my husband’s name is Ray Kenny. I am newly retired from being a transportation director, environmental manager and specialist, hydrogeologist and park ranger. I had a fun and successful career but now it is time to explore, capture moments, and share my joy in learning new things with others. My husband Ray is a geology professor who has also recently chosen to retire.

Ray and I love to hike, backpack, telemark ski, and boat rivers, particularly by packraft. We have big plans now that we have the time. We have both hiked over 2,000 miles in the Grand Canyon with much of it being off trail. We also completed 335 miles of what we call the John Muir Trail Plus hike in the Sierra Mountains of California in the summer of 2016, the 500-mile Colorado Trail in July 2017, the 800-mile Hayduke Trail in the spring of 2018, and the 200+-mile Sierra High Route in August/September 2018. The Hayduke and Sierra High Route are both tough, off-trail thru hikes with lots of route finding and scrambling. As it says on the Hayduke Trail website: “because of the extremely challenging and dangerous nature of this route, you must be a very experienced desert backpacker in peak physical condition…”. I have found that this is the type of hiking I enjoy most.

What’s up next? Not sure but my bucket list is long. I want to hike the Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland, the Bibbulum Track in Australia, the Long Trail in Vermont, and more off-route hiking in the Grand Canyon, Sierra Mountains and Wind River Range. The possibilities are endless!

My goal with this site is to provide enough information on our trips that family and friends can share the experience, and that I help educate people on the uniqueness and importance of place. Enjoy and feel free to contact me if you have any questions!!